Environmental Volunteering in Zanzibar

Would you like to volunteer in environmental conservation and sustainable rural development in Zanzibar?

If you have 1 week to 3 months of spare time, there is a wonderful project for you, dedicated to environmental conservation in the wider Jozani Forest National Park area in southern Zanzibar. You can stay in a comfortable camp in the tropical rain forest, or with a local host family in the village, and – under the guidance of a biologist – join activities related to Marine Turtle Conservation in the mangroves, protection of the critically endangered Red Colobus Monkeys, conservation of reptiles, community work, environmental education, and other activities. Plus, you can immerse into a traditional coastal Zanzibari village community!

This volunteering activity is a well-managed program by local NGO “The World Unite for Environment and Social Responsibility”. It is suitable for individuals, couples, families with children, and small groups, of any age.

You can also combine volunteering at the Jozani Forest location with a volunteer assignment in the very north of Zanzibar, at the Nungwi Natural Aquarium marine turtle sanctuary, where besides turtle conservation work you would also join recycling/upcycling activities, and environmental education with local school children.

See some details about the activities you can get involved with:

World Unite! Forest Camp Zanzibar
Volunteering with marine turtles
Volunteering with Marine Turtles
Marine Turtle Conservation

Hawksbill turtles are critically endangered and Green Turtles are endangered species of marine turtles found in Zanzibar. You can volunteer at two marine turtle conservation projects. One is in the north of Zanzibar, in Nungwi, and the other one in the south, near Jozani Forest National Park. Look after endangered marine turtles which have been found injured and help to raise baby turtles which have hatched from relocated eggs and are released once they reach a certain size, guaranteeing a higher number of turtles surviving in the wild.

Protection of Red Colobus Monkeys

Help to find alternative food sources and ways to protect both – the endangered and protected Red Colobus Monkey and the local farmer’s agriculture land which is regarded as the main food source of the monkeys.

Protection of Reptiles

Support the little reptile zoo “Zala Park” which provides awareness training to school children in respect to ending negative superstitious beliefs about reptiles such as snakes, lizards, tortoises and chameleons.

Environmental Education for Children

Teach environmental protection topics in nature, at the local school and kindergarten in a playful and fun way.

Ecotourism Activities

Assist with establishing a high service level of the Muungoni Community Tourism Initiative for their tourist activities such as kayak and bicycle tours, hikes and village tours through teaching e.g. English and communication skills.

Permaculture Farming

Learn about permaculture farming principles while cultivating vegetables and fruits together with local citizens of Muungoni village.

Creative Recycling

Get creative in working on designs for useful and decorative objects from waste materials and learn about the recycling and upcycling of plastic materials such as the production of ubuntoblox – a construction material for walls made from soft plastics.

Teaching Swimming to Children

Teach local children how to swim and therefore help to prevent tragic drowning accidents in the future.

Teaching English and Other Subjects at Village Schools and Kindergartens

Teach English and other subjects in a local kindergarten and primary school either on your own or assisting a local teacher.

Community Work at the Village

Support various charitable activities such as restauration, the building of wells and water supplies, construction works at the community school, helping the village community with the preparation for celebrations and special occasions.

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