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  • Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)
  • Kayaking
  • Traditional Sailing Boat (Ngalawa)

2 Winds Paddle Sports

2 Winds Paddle Sports’ name has been inspired by the two prevailing trade winds that sweep along the coast of East Africa. Their aim is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle through physical activity while exploring the outdoor environment for residents and tourists alike.

You can choose between kayak tours, Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP) tours and a cruise in a local fisherman boat called ngalawa. During kayaking, you use a double-bladed oar paddle and a small boat. Fusing canoeing and surfing, stand up paddle boarding uses a surf-style board with a long paddle. During a cruise with a ngalawa, you travel back in time and enjoy a ride in a traditional sailing boat which the Zanzibari still use for short distance transport of goods or people as well as for fishing.

For the kayak and stand up paddle boarding you can take guided lessons, which will be adapted to your experience level. Tours can be individually adapted to a few hours or a whole day excursion.

One of the major objectives of 2 Winds Paddle Sports is to create awareness about the importance of the conservation of the mangrove forest of Zanzibar. Mangroves are extremely important for oxygen production, storm and coastal erosion protection and a natural habitat for animals such as seabirds, snakes, bush babies and crabs. It also acts as a nursery for young fish and supports the cross-pollination with bees and butterflies.

Nevertheless, the Mangrove forests are endangered due to logging for firewood and better views, as well as by pollution caused by trash in the sea and on land. 2 Winds Paddle Sports regularly organizes beach and mangrove forest clean-ups. The company is also linked to the Zanzibari Rotary Club and cooperates with several not-for-profit organizations, for example when it comes to hiring underprivileged youth.

They also financially support organizations and offer free tours for fundraising events. Several training initiatives are sponsored by 2 Winds Paddle Sports, such as teaching locals and children how to swim or in-house training for staff.