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Enjoy a day out at sea filled with fun and relaxing aquatic activities in the crystal-clear turquoise water of the protected Menai Bay Area. Sail in a traditional Swahili dhow boat and stop on the way to snorkel, relax on the beach of a sandbank and island, get to know the mangrove forest and indulge in a delicious home-made buffet lunch.

There are several opportunities to swim in the ocean, in the shallow waters around the sandbank and island or the mangrove forest lagoon. On nearly all cruises you can see humpback and bottlenose dolphins. The lunch is quite a feast with grilled seafood, chicken, vegetarian green banana curry, local sauces, exotic fruit, fresh juice, Amarula and coffee.

Over 20 years, Safari Blue has been successfully operating the dhow cruises, bringing true adventure and a unique experience to visitors. Many of the staff are locally hired and have been with The Safari Blue for many years. The staff is not only well-trained for sailing the dhows but also receives regular courses in first-aid, languages, marine guiding and protection, permaculture and engine maintenance, all contributing to raising the quality and safety of the experience.

To foster team spirit and reward their staff, Safari Blue organizes yearly trips to the northern safari circuits in mainland Tanzania. For Safari Blue, sustainable environmental practices are a priority, so all catering equipment is reusable, plastic is avoided where possible, solar lamps are used on the island, rain is collected to water the greenery and the food is cooked with gas whenever possible.

Furthermore, rubbish is separated, recycled and disposed of in a responsible way. Beer and soda are only offered in recyclable glass bottles. Safari Blue also coordinates waste collection for about 15 homes near their office in Chukwani and cooperates with Chako which transforms recycled glass into living accessory items.

Owner and founder Eleanor Griplas is an active member of the Zanzibar Rotary Club. Free tours are regularly offered for fundraising events. She also supports women in higher education, football teams, local not-for-profit organizations, the Fumba nursery and she is a sponsor of the Fumba sailing race.

Safari Blue also contributes to the conservation of animals and nature through regular beach cleanups with the support of local students as well as planting mangrove seeds to stop erosion.

Watch out for the blue and yellow “The Safari Blue” logo while booking and sailing to make sure you go with the right company.

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