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Kumi is a unique shop in Zanzibar offering a great variety of sustainable and socially responsibly produced products with intriguing design and excellent user value.

Kumi invites you to discover products from numerous African brands, for example natural cosmetic products from Zanzibar, jewelry from Masaai women, animal toys from organic cotton from Uganda or cushion covers and fashionable clothes from Tanzania mainland just to name a few.

Kumi fosters good and long-lasting relationships with its suppliers and focuses on brands which support a good cause and provide livelihoods to many African individuals. All products are carefully selected according to modern design principles, elegant style and good product quality which makes kumi the perfect destination if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.

Kumi also offers upcycled products and guarantees that all items are sold under fair-trade principles. Furthermore, they sponsor different local events, cooperate with Nuya’s Essence charity soap and offer products that contribute to wildlife and nature conservation.

A selection of  brands kumi features:

  • Mrembo Spa (Zanzibar)
  • Fahari (Zanzibar)
  • Zanzibar Coffee House (Zanzibar)
  • MOTO (Zanzibar)
  • Seaweed Center (Zanzibar)
  • 1001 organic (Zanzibar)
  • DADA (Zanzibar)
  • CHAKO (Zanzibar)
  • Nuya’s Essence (Zanzibar)
  • Win Win 4 Africa (Uganda)
  • Mabinti Center (Tanzania)
  • Wow (Tanzania)
  • Neema Crafts (Tanzania)
  • Annekiwia (Tanzania)
  • Nusu na Nusu (Tanzania)
  • sidaidesign (Tanzania)
  • Rosenkrantz (Tanzania)
  • Beach wear (Mauritius)
  • Ipanema (Brazil)

Ecological & Social Footprint

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