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1001 Organic Spicery

1001 Organic Spicery lets you savor premium quality and locally produced organic spices such as the famous Pemba cloves, black pepper, vanilla, Ceylon cinnamon, bird’s eye chilies and nutmeg which will remind you why Zanzibar is known as the spice island.

The spices have been certified by the European Union (EU), guaranteeing production and processing methods that meet laboratory-tested standards and limits compared to conventional farming. Most importantly, no chemicals are used during the spice farming and processing.

1001 Organic Spicery is run as a social enterprise which reinvests all profits directly in their cooperatives of small-scale farmers. They work with fair and prefixed prices as well as purchase guarantees for the farmers. One of the objectives is to act as a marketing platform and to introduce the farmers’ produce to the world market.

1001 Organic Spicery has sponsored storing facilities, tools and equipment, gives out micro-loans and is continuously paying for the yearly EU certification. They fund training for the farmers such as organic composting, prevention of contamination or refining of vanilla. They take an active part in diversifying the land and soil through growing mixed crops spice forests. They also offer guided tours in their spice forests in Pemba where the farmers will take you on an authentic experience of spice farming.

All variety of spices can be found in 1001 Organic Spicery, an organic shop located on the door step of the Emerson Spice Hotel in Stone Town. If you are around town, you can also find a lovely spice mobile with ¨1001 Organic¨ logo.

Furthermore, you can visit the wharehouse and processing unit in Mwanakwerekwe, a local place where you can see with your own eyes how the spices are really produced.

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