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Mohammed Said is a well-respected medicine man in and outside of Zanzibar due to his exceptional knowledge of plant-based medicine and their medical properties. Everyone knows him as Mr. Madawa, translating literally to “the number one” medicine man on the island. What’s more, even foreign patients take the long journey to Zanzibar to be treated by him. His practice is an extraordinary mix of age-old native knowledge and his son’s medical studies at university. Mohammed cultivates his spices, herbs and plants in his own garden in Bububu and the whole family assists in processing the ingredients. Mr. Madawa runs his own clinic which is fully recognized by the Zanzibari Public Health Authority.

Do you want to learn more about natural medicine? Why not learn directly from Mr. Madawa during a one, two, three or four weeks course. You will learn everything about how to use which ingredients, how to cultivate and harvest them, what are the effects of each herb, spice and plant, as well as how to produce herbal mixtures for medical and nutrition purposes.

The private lessons take two hours per day from Monday to Friday. For the rest of the time, you are encouraged to assist with the treatment of patients. Even though the patients are treated in Swahili, Mr. Madawa has a good command of English.

Lessons include:

  • Private lessons with Mr. Madawa
  • Assisting during patient consultation (if wished)
  • Hotel accommodation with breakfast
  • Info-PDF with details about Zanzibar
  • Transport from the airport/seaport of Zanzibar and transfer to your accommodation, as well as accompaniment to Madawa on your first day